Sunday, November 18, 2012

2012 - We are married!!

Alhamdulillah. We have legally as husband and wife on 28oct2012. The day was bright and sunny, cheerfulness, and hot because i am HOT, centre of attraction.. Ok cool.. We managed to have the schedule on time.. Yes, raining at the late afternoon but it is fine as we are no longer there. Went for photo-shoot.

White theme, with my fully own design.. Urppss, it has a copycat element from few my wedding dress idol like Kate Winslet.. Lace with no sequins!!! This is my fav all the time.. I want to have the dress.. Ushhh.. I wishhhh...

The cake!!! It supposed to be just a Secret Recipe cake but somehow manage to get wedding cake from one the 'bahulu' supplier at my town. She bake my both cake, 'hantaran' and wedding within 1 day and half. Ok. I am impressed.

3/11/2012 - one day before my 27th birthday.. It was reception day at my husband side. Green theme. The wedding dress was so uncomfortable due to its material. Nonetheless, it is still nice and traditional type of gorgeous!!

Now... 18/11/2012 its about 3 weeks i am with him.. We have no fully practice husband and wife routine like cook a meal for him.. Hahhaah, i vote for this. As we have no our home yet.. Sheltering at his aunty house until Dec.

Ok.. Till write again...

Thank you to all of you for the support!!!!

Erin Haroun