Sunday, December 16, 2012

An Effort To Strive

Perfection is no ending issue. How good we are, how wealth we are.. It just won't complete. Never!!!

We will work this out!!!!

Sunday, December 09, 2012

Way to go!!

I'm strong, independent. I can find my own solution. And i know what is the best for me. Which substance to complete the day comes. Hence, pick your mind up and fly away.. Dush dush dush..

We often to say hesitantly the unsure things to be happened or not in future. Indeed, what we thought is correct. We doubt to be blamed when it turns negatively.

2013, as the year increased. Have you asked yourself, "how about you?" Any achievement yet to be proud of? Ohhh.. Way too far i guess.. So, no more "angan-angan mat jenin". Get your leg straight and bend your body and GET UP. Education is the must. Its not only means you have a certificate but your street education? Your confidence!! Build up...

Ok now.. Target!!! AIMED!!! Wish me!!!

Monday, December 03, 2012

1month 5days

Get the above title? 1month and 5days. That is our wedding-age still. Alhamdulillah, we still enjoying our 'bujang' life..

Went to my aunt's house last sunday. Visiting my cousin's son who was newly born and been infected by jaundice. Still, he is an active baby. Poor baby, get well soon Afiq. Later, we, Angah's family, Acik and myself having "makan-sampai-muntah" durian at Pantai Dalam.. And the next day, MC.. Goshhh..

Back to him, Monday night, he is not a romantic guy.. Have accepted it 5 years ago. But.. He is sweet and funny.. and have his anger!!! So, watch out, don't ever crossed what he said. First, don't late, be punctual which i'm still learning. Second, don't waste your time, do whatever to prepare for tomorrow's challenge. Third, keep your money safe as we need in future still.. And forth.. To be continued..

And now i'm watching him sleeping, is just a blessing. Hearing his heart beat is just a soft-blend music. I am thankful to have him in my enormous life.