Monday, May 27, 2013


I knew you are way too smart and even can predict what others said without the person finish its lines.  It happens a lot of time to me and make myself look even more stupid.  I knew sometimes i just dont get understand what it is all about but i knew how to settle those.  If i'm that stupid, i will not be able yo communicate with anyone or even get the project, or maybe.. The worse, i even get my degree.

It just so dissapointed!!! I have should done this before.  I also keep telling myself that you are actually helping me out. Frankly, you are more than helping.. You are jussst scared if i have something to talk about with him without you involved!!!

Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Less Fortunate

One day, Iman met her cousin. Amin who was in his difficult time. He was being unemployed for about 2 months without his parent acknowledgement.  Amin told that his parent are planning for a holiday. He was so terrible and desparate to get the money. His girlfriend also don't want to lend some penny as he is free-and-easy to make the money dissapeared. Hence, Iman offer a part timer job and the salary will be weekly.

Amin was so happy until he said, This gaji, he will want to contribute some to the vacation. At the gaji day, unfortunately Amin has forgotten his promises. He later purchase some gadget, clothes and shoes.

The worst is, Iman was forcedly to pay his vacation and Amin never returned the money back.

Aiyooo.. Macam ini punya orang pun ada. Sungguh malang nasib ko.

Sunday, May 19, 2013


Worse if there is only party will say do for the discussion.. Mcm orang kata bertepuk sebelah tangan tak berbunyi. Tapi bila tepuk kat dinding, nanti your palm will pain.

Absolutely kelakar whenever seseorang cuma tau nak salahkan orang lain tanpa berfikir untuk mengenali diri sendiri dulu kan. Yet, it much much much funny though!!

Tp as we know. Janji Allah itu pasti.  Pasti akan dibukakan hijab itu suatu hari nanti.  Aku memohon keredaan mu ya-Allah.

Will no be any revenge. It is sufficient if you know how to appreciate your parent. Apologize for ignoring him. Throw an accusation which you should know your parent well to against those. Parent is jusssst express their concern. Believe me, it is very least of parent who wants their kids's death..

Till then......