Friday, January 10, 2014


A new chapter to begins. Happy new year anyway!!!

Having a late lunch with my USM's friends and friend of friend. A bit shame, there are superb in english and in fact english is their medium. So, to keep up.. I  need to ensure myself to be along the line. So, one of the vision that still "fresh" since a looooooonnngg time ago is mastering my english.. Let's read again. This time.... Something Borrowed from Emily Griffin. Target: Done before Feb.. 250 pages to go.. Pheewwww!!!

New year and new job again!!! Hoping this can be lasting one. Amin.  

It is time to get myself fit again. Running. Hiking. Eat healthy food. Shopping. Apple mac. A Honda or Toyota!! My mini cooper.. Be patient baby, i will be meeting you very soon.. Sooooon.

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